Monday, December 15, 2008

My space &craft groups

Myspace wow i haven't been on there for 2 whole days omg !   My space was fun u could change your background send cool graphics to any one play games chat listen to music join lots of groups . but its one big diesease for a pc . My hard drive was ruined i got a new one , my daughters is still screwed up bad .....I dont think that man who started my space { my space Tom is that good too many bugs on there i dont think he knows what he is doing .....the advertizements , pop ups , application games are loaded with bugs for a pc . 
Seriously its my favorite place to go to , but for allmost a  yr ive battled with viruses and things that have about destroyed my pc several times , my space is full of pc bugs and the advertizements and popups look out they are like leaches they attactch them self to hard drive and they are like a worm that burrows into your hard drive and gives it a desease .......
Im seriously bummed today i miss my friends , i had a great group too on my space now i have a group on google {  }.
I hope i can have a great group again on google .
feel free to write your opionon on this blog ........

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